Fred Hensler

President and CEO

A nationally known speaker, Founder and CEO of Sapphire Blue Investment Partners, Inc., Fred Hensler has advised countless individuals on strategies to help create and manage wealth.

As a successful entrepreneur and business owner, Fred set out on a mission to un-complicate the often complicated world of financial management. Author of the investment series “The Ostrich Syndrome: How to Get Your Head Out of the Sand and Take Control of Your Financial Future”, Fred believes that everyone can learn from the mistakes of others and create positive change in their lives.

Sometimes called the financial advisor’s advisor – Fred has taught his strategies to not only individuals and corporations, but other financial advisors as well. His goal is to provide investors with power-packed, actionable investment management and financial planning ideas that they can implement immediately to potentially improve their life.

In his freshman year at Michigan State University, Fred became an active member of Delta Chi Fraternity. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree, he continued his commitment to assuring the success of the fraternity and its standards as a member of the Housing Board of Directors.

His greatest passion, however, is making a positive impact on the financial status of his clients. We are fortunate to be surrounded by several brilliant financial minds, and we utilize those relationships to build total wealth management programs for our clients. We would welcome your inquiries.

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