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Why Sapphire Blue Investment Partners?

Everything we do at Sapphire Blue Investment Partners you could choose to do on your own.
We exist solely for those people who:
  • Don’t know how to do it themselves
  • Don’t want to do it themselves
  • Don’t have time to do it themselves

We Uncomplicate the often-complicated World of Financial Planning, Investing and Wealth Management

Have you found yourself leaving a conversation with your financial advisor and have no clue what they really said?

At Sapphire Blue Investment Partners our clients frequently tell us that we are the first firm that they have ever worked with that has made the process easy to understand. A warm friendly smile and a staff totally dedicated to their satisfaction is just one of the things that differentiate us from the competition.


We are proud of our heritage as a boutique firm. Large enough to be an investment powerhouse while at the same time small enough to offer you personalized services you deserve.

If your tired of every time you call the 800 number and speak with a different person, then you will appreciate our client centric approach. While our partners are all experts in their field, you are assigned just one servicing advisor that assists you in all aspects of your total financial affairs drawing form the vast wealth of knowledge available to them through our partners and staff.


We are here to help you coordinate your total financial affairs. At Sapphire Blue Investment Parners we believe no financial decision should be made independent of another.

It is not about the latest greatest stock trade, rather a well thought out plan of action to keep you on course during all stages of your life.

  • An easy-to-understand plan keeping you on course
  • Well researched, thought out and executed investment strategies
  • Tax considerations to control what you pay in taxes
  • Business consulting
  • 401k Investment Management
  • Estate and Long Term Care Planning
  • Insurance Consulting

We Don’t Sugar Coat it

The last thing you need is an advisor who doesn’t tell you the true story. As your financial coach we recognize that this is your money, and you are always in control of what you do with it. But, we also believe it is our responsibility to alert you when we believe you may be going down the wrong path

  • Spending too much. We let you know
  • Saving too little.  We let you know that too
  • Too conservative or too risky. We are on it!

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