Are You Rich Enough to Consider Yourself Rich

Are You Rich Enough to Be Considered Rich?

Recent studies show that the top 10% of wage earners would need a salary of $173,176 and have a net worth of $1,220,000.* The top 1% would earn $823,763 and have a net worth of $11,088,166.**

If you are at these levels, congratulations, if not, we want to help you get there.

Once you reach the ranks of affluent elite, you likely will require advanced Tax and Estate planning and Insurance reviews. You may also qualify for investments that the average person does not qualify for. At Sapphire Blue Investment Partners we work closely with our Research companies, Estate and Business Attorneys, Tax Specialists, Insurance professionals to make sure everything is in order. This is not a time to work with an advisor who is not an expert in the needs of the wealthy.


*DQY DJ net worth calculator for 2020

**these numbers were documented from investopedia for the 2020 average annual wages in the United States.

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