401K and Pension Services for Business Owners

401k & Pension Services for Business Owners

1.  As a business owner or executive, you recognize the importance of periodically reviewing your processes and procedures to assure you are working at maximum efficiency and growth.  In the pension world it is equally important to test your 401(k) and pension plans against current ERISA requirements. 

This may be the year to have Sapphire Blue Investment Partners do a complete review of your current plan documents, summary plan descriptions and to assure that you have the appropriate restatements that are required. It’s simple, confidential and complementary. Our experts in pension administration frequently find missing links that could put you at risk of fines and even legal issues. Why take the chance?

2.  A proper and well executed pension plan offering can be the glue that keeps your best employees working for your company and not being lured away to the competition.  At Sapphire Blue Investment Partners we frequently find missing pieces in corporate plans. ERISA, is becoming more complex and highly regulated. As an owner of a company it’s important you beware the following:

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